All the styles we offer at PDN have been designed for you the wearer. Each shirt was cut to make the women feel feminine from the shape through to the selection of fabrics. Attention to details such as where the 4th button closes, to on-seem zips and pockets for a sleeker fit, have been researched so that you, the customer, never notice those perfect qualities that makes the shirts such a joy to wear, and makes you feel Pretty Darn Nice! All the fabrics are Italian and extremely lightweight. Each fabric has its own specific feature, from the seersucker that keeps the wearer dry as a result of the small pockets in the fabric, which wicks the moisture away from the skin. The linen fabric we use is bone dry which results in the wearer always feeling dry and fresh, by wicking the perspiration from the skin, the added advantage of this is as the moisture evaporates in the heat, and the fabric loses its creased appearance. All the fabrics we use are Italian, natural and sustainable. Cotton, linen, and silk are all the qualities we use, for their natural ability to control the body temperature.