In selecting our fabric, we went to the finest Italian mills, with centuries of experience in making and processing cloth and we are delighted to offer what we believe to be the highest quality fabrics. The cottons, silks, broadcloth, denim, gingham, linen, and voiles we use in our shirts are guaranteed to last you many happy years. Each fabric has a wonderful touch, from silky smooth, to light and airy, to super soft and sensual, we hope you love them as much as we do. 


To execute the perfect shirt, you first need the perfect shirt maker. At PDN London, we spent many months sourcing a factory that perfectly represents what we feel makes a brand truly modern and relevant. Based in Poland, with over 25 years’ experience of making extremely high quality made to measure shirts and using only the finest Italian fabrics, we are delighted with the workmanship, quality and finish of our shirts. We hope you feel the same after many happy years of wear.


When we started the process of designing our collection, we began by asking target groups what they hated about shirts. Unanimously they all came back with the same answer: the gaping, and having to buy a size bigger to fit the chest. Taking this as the cornerstone of the process, we set about refining the balance of the shirt, the chest to waist ratio, how the sleeve fits and falls, how long the cuff is, what size of buttons to use, the design of the collar, how the neck looks, how the front falls, is there too much cleavage showing… All of these points were examined till we found the 5 styles we believe work for all occasions, shapes and sizes. We truly believe we have designed a shirt you can wear, without it wearing you.


No detail is too small for us. Every element of the shirt has been examined and only the best of everything has gone into making our shirt the finest they possibly can be. From matching patterns and stripes, the quality of cotton thread, the number of stitches we use, the colour of mother of pearl buttons, the tension of stitching, distance between each button, the extra half inch on the length of the shirt, how the cuff falls on the wrist, the quality tissue paper we use to package, the recycled cloth we use in our carrier bags: every element has been examined in minute detail, all so you don’t even notice it- the sign of a truly quality garment.